I create colourful, vibrant and dramatic abstract art that explores unexpected connections between human emotion and patterns and shapes found in nature. 


I’m interested in how we connect to each other and the universe around us. My aim is to encourage curiosity about what we perceive, what we know and how it makes us feel. 


I plan my work in terms of colour, shape and form, but endeavour to maintain a sense of freedom in the mark-making. Broad visible brush strokes feature throughout. Whether the subject is powerful and dramatic, or quiet and serene. I love working with big brushes, palette knives, rollers, or anything that shows the interaction of materials in the painting and creates a tactile sensibility. 


Since childhood, I've had a strong connection to water, and its power to be both a healer and a destroyer. This concept of duality plays out in much of my work. Not just in water, but in nature, weather, scientific theories, philosophy and life. Happy and sad. Black and white. Yin and Yang. Balance. Imbalance. Opposing forces. Different states of being. I try to embody these contrasts with colour or texture. Deep dark blues. Hot pink. Orange, reds, pinks. Bright splashes of yellow or green. Punky pop art hues vs deeper traditional tones. Soft against hard. Smooth against rough. 


My inspirations come from many different places - but recently I've been looking at the work of Georgia O'Keeffe, Lee Krasner, Lyubov Popova, Wassily Kandinsky and Henri Matisse. I hope to match their shared ability to create bold art that provokes curiosity. 

Open Studio, Harbour Arm Studios, May 2010

Group show, Harbour Arm Gallery, Margate, 2010