Bi Bi Invisibility

In one of my other roles, I host a podcast for LGBTQ+ advocacy group Outvertising, where we talk to inspiring LBGTQ+ people and allies from the advertising and marketing industry. This month we are focusing on bisexuality.

As someone who has identified as bisexual since I was teenager, I've sometimes felt an invisible part of the LGBTQ+ community. Especially when society effectively erases your sexuality once you're in a committed opposite gendered relationship. To the rest of the world, you just appear to be straight.

This is not so much now I'm doing the podcast (or in my former role as News Editor on GaydarRadio) as it gives me a platform to be more vocal, but I'm so aware that for many bi people, they often feel forgotten about and sometimes not welcome in either their straight or queer worlds, facing bi-phobia or being stereotyped as promiscuous or untrustworthy.

But what's this got to do with ART?

I find myself dealing with duality a lot in my art, different viewpoints, states of being etc. Particularly in my Horizons series. So as a way to further support the bi community and increase visibility through my artwork, I've created a series of acrylic on paper miniatures in the colour of the Bisexual Flag to celebrate Bisexual Visibility Day on Wednesday 23rd September.

These are not created to invite critique from the vexillologists out there. The proportions are an artistic interpretation and each painting is different. That's because each bisexual person is different. It’s not always a 50/50 split. Attraction doesn’t work like that.

Not least because gender is fluid and not that binary either.

As Dan Levy’s character says in ‘Schitt’s Creek’: ‘I like the wine and not the label.’

Anyway, they're available to buy (ha ha!) in my Gallery right now - £25 each (framed in a 6x6inch mount) including UK postage. £5 from each one goes to support Bi Pride UK.

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