Going Once, Twice

Just a quick update on my pieces for the NABS Art Auction.

The team managed to raise over £6.6k to help NABS continue their brilliant work supporting people working in the advertising, marketing and media industry.

Both of my artworks are now with their new - and very appreciative - owners.

The lucky winning bidder of Forward sent me a lovely email about the work and these great pics below of the framed piece in situ. Apparently, it's caused a bit of a family debate about who gets to keep it!

Forward by J R Oatts (front view)

Forward by J R Oatts (side view)

The winner of Phoenix has been super supportive on Instagram - check out these posts below.

If you're a fan of these pieces, you'll be pleased to hear I'm working on a series of colourful feathers pieces for Christmas - in the style of Phoenix, and they'll be another Forward style piece - in a slightly different format - coming soon as well.

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