Hot Pink on the Horizon

Today, Hot Pink Sunset, the latest in my Horizons series, goes live on

Over the past few months, I've seen more and more sunsets and sunrises appearing on my Instagram feed. During these strange times, people are increasingly finding positivity and renewal in nature - and keen to share that with the world. Sunsets and sunrises give us joy and hope in such a unique way.

The only drawback with photos of sunsets is that they never truly capture the beauty and drama of seeing it with your own eyes. The intensity of the colour, the light on the skyline or water - and the textures it picks up.

That's what I've tried to capture with Hot Pink Sunset

The process: I used a 40x40cm deep edge Winsor & Newton Professional Deep Edge canvas - added 3 layers of gesso, and a light coloured ground of cadmium red as the last layer of gesso was still damp.

I sprayed a thick layer of Liquitex Medium Magenta⁠ acrylic spray over a dry layer of Daley Rowney System 3 Fluorescent pink acrylic paint. I roughly stripped off the excess spray with a rag and palette knife. The textures this has created really excite me so I might try this method again on the my Horizon.

The bottom half was achieved with a thick rough bristle brush and a mix of Golden's Payne's Gray and a dash Pthahlo Green. I'm still marvelling at the brush marks and how the light catches them, like ripples on the ocean.

The orange was the last to be applied - and took much deliberating over. It was achieved with a mix of Winsor & Newton Galeria Cadmium Red Hue and Lemon Yellow, with some variance in intensity of the red to reflect the changing colours in the sun. I'm never going to be a committed hard edger (check out the amazing Instagram hashtag #hardedger for many artists who are - and do it so well) but I love colours that pop next to each other like this,

You can view the Horizons series so far here. They'll be more soon.

Also happy to discuss commissions for this series too - so if you'd like your own Horizon, let's talk! Contact details here.

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