I'm a Wanderer

An art-music collaboration with DJ Phil Marriott.

Super excited to reveal my latest round of miniatures - a collaboration with my good friend, the amazing London-based DJ, broadcaster, editor and digital content creator - Phil Marriott.

Phil and I used to work together years ago, when I was a presenter and news editor on GaydarRadio. We've always shared a love of music - of all kinds - and Phil has been a huge supporter of my art. So it was great to be able to find a way to collaborate around the work of an artist we both admire.

Not only am I a huge disco fan, and love Donna Summer, but her 1980 The Wanderer album has such a unique sound to it. And an iconic cover. It was great to use it as the inspiration for these pieces, which I've called Summer Wandering.

As you'll know if you've looked at the other work on my site, my work is very abstract.

I like to extract the individual textures, colours, tones, sounds, emotions and mood of the subject - even the history behind the image - rather than being purely representational in any way, which is what I’ve tried to do with Summer Wandering.

I was really honoured to be interviewed by Phil for his YouTube channel, where I talk about my art in general and the Donna Summer-Wanderer-inspired artworks.

Each 4x4" artwork (mounted in a white 6x6" mount) is completely unique: the shapes and colours shift around from edition to edition. A bit like Donna on the album, wandering around the genres: disco, synth-pop, rock, rock opera, gospel and back to disco again. I really enjoyed revisiting the album and listening to the 40th Anniversary edition while working on these.

Phil is running a competition on his site to win the 40th Anniversary edition of The Wanderer, which includes extra new remixes and interviews with people who worked with Donna - PLUS 10 winners will also get their very own JROattsArt unique and original Summer Wandering miniature artwork.

Also, do make sure you check out Phil's interview with legendary Donna Summer producer Pete Bellotte on his YouTube channel.

So as Donna says on the album, 'Who do you think you're fooling?' - get on over to the dance floor (aka PhilMarriott.net) to be in with a chance of winning!

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