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Close up detail of 'Lola' original painting by J R Oatts
'Cherilyn' fine art print (A1) by J R Oatts, in a black frame in an Art Deco waiting room

Welcome to the 


My first print drop was the most popular pieces from Feathers series, Cherilyn & Lola.

Below you'll find out more about me, my process, my influences – and the prints themselves.

'Lola' fine art print (A1) by J R Oatts, in a black frame in a modern dining room


'Cherilyn' fine art print (A1) by J R Oatts, in a black frame in an Art Deco waiting room


Referencing Barry Manilow's song, Copacabana, with its first line: Her name was Lola, She was a showgirl, this work is a celebration of drag, burlesque and showgirls, leaving you lost in a dizzying blur of colour and motion as Lola 'merengue and do the cha-cha' with her many feathers dances across the stage.

'Cherilyn' fine art print (A1) by J R Oatts, in a room with a green wall next to a spotlight

Cherilyn specifically nods to the work of iconic costume designer Bob Mackie, and his stunning and very memorable outfits he has designed for the one-and-only Cher - born Cherilyn Sarkisian. The dresses and Bob's fashion drawings - as seen in the book The Art of Bob Mackie - are artworks in themselves. 

About your fine art prints

I am working directly with London-based award-winning printers, The Print Space in my print shop. Every order is sent directly to their London or European print hub, where they carefully produce each fine art Giclee print with their precise colour management system.

As soon as each print is created, The Print Space packages it securely, adding my branded labels, and a Certificate of Authenticity. Then it is sent direct to you, so you can enjoy it as soon as possible. 

Artist J R Oatts in her studio in front of her paintings and website address

About the artist

I'm J R Oatts - aka - Joanne Oatts, a British abstract artist whose colourful, expressive abstract art focuses on the theme of 'colour in motion'.


I love colour and enjoy exploring the colour we sometimes don't see in the world around us. From the ever-changing natural world, the movement of our minds, or the motion and celebration of our bodies through dance and performance.


My work has been exhibited in galleries and fairs in both London and Manchester, as well as internationally online. I'm based in London and I'm a member of ArtCan and the Visual Artists Association. 

To find out more, watch the videos below or check out my artist's bio. 

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'Cherilyn' & 'Lola' fine art prints (A2) by J R Oatts on framed hanging on a white wall

My inspirations

My Feathers series began in 2020 as an exploration of the colours and stories of mythical and exotic birds. But in 2021, it evolved to consider feathers of a different kind.


Influenced by the work of designers like William Travilla and Bob Mackie, the new 'Feathers' were inspired by the flamboyant colours of the feather-clad showgirl, in all her manifestations: Hollywood films, burlesque, drag, and in the costumes of iconic performers,


Each piece aims to capture a sense of glamour and colour in motion - while radiating feminine power.

Both these works have been hugely popular at exhibitions and fairs, so I'm delighted to share them with a wider audience - and spread a little showgirl colour and glamour into more places!


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Close up detail of the original 'Lola' painting by J R Oatts

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