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Adar Rhiannon

  • Adar Rhiannon, 2020
    Acrylic on artboard.

    21 x 29.7cm unframed.
    34cm x 42.5cm framed.

    Part of the Feathers series, inspired by the movement, magic and mystery of mythical and exotic birds. Each abstract piece evokes the sense and mood of each creature and its story, rather than being representational.

    Adar Rhiannon - or 'birds of Rhiannon' - were three magical birds of Rhiannon, Queen of the Dyfed, that appear in Welsh mythology and Arthurian legend. Stories of the birds have them waking the dead, serenading survivors for seven years, or singing the dying to sleep. They were able to alter sound and space, as they could be heard close by, even when far away. 

    For me, they represent the power of birdsong - both the way it wakes you up (even when you don't want it to) and its comforting quality, be it close by or far away. If we can still hear the birds sing, then everything feels okay.


    Multiple layers of acrylic paint and gel mediums - and various shaping, brushwork and palette techniques - have been applied to create different textures that reflect light. This mimics the iridescent and light reflective quality of feathers - and how they can shimmer and change colour under different light.

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