• Description

    54x54x5cm framed.
    Acrylic on canvas board.
    Framed in a gold and dark brown 5cm deep Larsen Juhl float frame. 

    This piece aims to capture the mystique, opulence, decadence, fun, frivolity, energy and power of London's Berkeley Square and its history.

    When you think of Berkeley Square, you may think of Nightingales (as the song goes) or the lives of the wealthy who can afford to live nearby, or purchase cars in its multiple luxury car showrooms. 

    But delve into the history of Berkeley Square, as I did for Mayfair Art Weekend's Pop Up Painting in the West End 2021 event, and there is much more to this iconic part of London.

    Home to three British prime ministers, one 'Mr Selfridge' (as well as some of the oldest trees in London), power, speed and movement are recurrent themes. 

    Charles Rolls, co-founder of Rolls Royce was born here; and the Bentley and Rolls Royce showrooms have previously been key features on the square. Today, petrol heads still pace around the 'circuit' of the square as if in tribute. 

    Architect Sir Robert Adam's designs were based on the principle of 'movement' – and his influence is still evident in the architecture of the Landsdowne Club. While at no 56, private club Annabels is the frivolous showgirl of the square: with its eye-catching and Insta-worthy building exteriors for all to see - and its love of pink hidden in its decadent interiors (for members eyes only).

    Originally created as Four Squares in Four Squares, painted live on location in the square in summer 2021 for Mayfair Art Weekend, this piece has been since added to with more depth of colour and texture.

    Previously titled: 'The Spirit of Berkeley Square'.

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