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Dark Horizons II: Night of the Sun

  • Description

    Dark Horizons II: Night of the Sun, 2020
    4 x 4 inch
    Acrylic ink & Acrylic on paper. 


    Following on from Dark Horizons I, these new pieces use Liquitex acrylic ink instead of Indian ink. This thicker medium has a cracking effect when it dries on some surfaces, which adds an intriguing texture to an already atmospheric scene. 

    Night of the Sun is an oxymoron. It can't happen. The sun goes down, the moon comes up. This much we know. But so many things that 'cannot happen' have happened in 2020. Proving that nature, in its wisdom, continues to be unpredictable in the most extreme and bizarre ways. We need to be more in tune with nature in the future. 


    Created as part of 6 original editions, each in a 6 x 6 inches acid-free ice-white mount, with a backing board and plastic sleeve. Frames shown are for illustration only.

    Each one is numbered and signed by the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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