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Everything Spins (Rotations & Vibrations)

  • Description

    Everything Spins (Rotations & Vibrations), 2021
    100x100cm. Acrylic on canvas.


    Everything in the universe moves and spins. Not just the earth rotating around the sun (which itself rotates), but also the atoms and molecules that makeup pretty much everything in the universe. Including us. It all moves, spins, rotates or vibrates. 


    During the 2020/21 COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to find a way to look beyond our day to day fears and anxieties, and focus on the bigger picture - that we are a very small part of a vast interconnected universe. And one that will just keep moving - with or without us. 

    Signed on the side by the artist.

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    orange and blue painting, large abstract painting on canvas, art for the home painting, art for the home office, colourful art for the office, large colourful abstract paintings