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This original has now SOLD. Prints are available of this piece. Please email me.


  • Firebird, 2020
    Acrylic on artboard.
    21 x 29.7cm unframed.
    30 x 40cm mounted.

    Part of the Feathers series, inspired by the movement, magic and mystery of mythical and exotic birds. 

    Each abstract piece evokes the sense and mood of each creature and its story, rather than being representational.

    Stories of Firebirds occur in many different mythologies - from Slavic folklore to Iranian legends. The bird is often the focus of a difficult quest, sometimes to capture the bird from somewhere faraway - with an unexpected lesson or blessing bestowed on its captor. 

    For me, the Firebird is about the inner strength and power we have inside, and yet do not realise until we too have been on some kind of journey. 

    Multiple layers of acrylic paint and gel mediums - and various shaping, brushwork and palette techniques - have been applied to create different textures that reflect light. This mimics the iridescent and light reflective quality of feathers - and how they can shimmer and change colour under different light.

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