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  • Gloria, 2023
    Acrylic on canvas board
    50 x 50cm
    54 x 54 x 5cm framed.


    Gloria is a 'swan song' (get it?) to my Feathers series, which, along the way, has celebrated exotic and mythical birds, showgirls, iconic performers, divas and their 'feathery' and sparkly costumes.

    The series began in 2020, back in my studio in Northwood, Metroland, just outside London.  

    Now I have moved north to the Peak District, it felt time to say goodbye to this chapter, and this series.  For now, at least.

    So this is a very special piece to me. Gloria deserves a 'close-up' on someone's staircase or hallway. Are you ready for her? 

    Framed in a gold and dark brown 5cm deep Larsen Juhl float frame.

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