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Golden, 2020
Acrylic on artboard.

21 x 29.7cm unframed.
34cm x 42.5cm framed.

Part of the Feathers series, inspired by the movement, magic and mystery of mythical and exotic birds. 

Stories of The Golden Bird present more of a test to its protagonist - the youngest of three brothers sent out to capture a bird that has been eating their father's golden apple tree.

Despite being the youngest, and in some telling of the story - not as strong and smart as his brothers - he triumphs because he is kinder and more determined than they to achieve his goal. 

Multiple layers of acrylic paint and gel mediums - and various shaping, brushwork and palette techniques - have been applied to create different textures that reflect light. This mimics the iridescent and light reflective quality of feathers - and how they can shimmer and change colour under different light.


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