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Pandora, 2021
50x50cm. 54x54x5cm framed.
Acrylic on canvas board.
Framed in a gold and dark brown 5cm deep Larsen Juhl float frame.

With any negative experience, comes the gift of learning and truth. 

The story of Pandora, the first human woman given to man by the Greek gods, talks of a box that, when opened by a curious Pandora, releases all the evils and miseries into the world. 

Yet, the name 'Pandora' means "gift", "gifted" or "all-giving."

Reinterpretations and alternative readings of the Pandora myth suggest the box contained blessings as well as evils - and that by opening the box, Pandora sparked a rebirth and a new age of man. This was Pandora's gift.

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