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    Sadie, 2021
    Acrylic ink on Hahnemühle paper.
    28x18cm. Mounted 40x30cm.

    Sadie Shelton: My God, it's me with a bad haircut.
    Sadie Ratliff: Bad? I paid twelve bucks for this.”
    - Big Business


    When actress Bette Midler came to fame in the 1970s, she was known as the 'Divine Miss M' - as was the name of her first album.

    This 'Divine Trio' series pays homage to her flamboyant stage outfits and Bette's many iconic film roles.


    In Big Business, Sadie Shelton is one half of a set of twins (the other played by Lily Tomlin) who've been swapped at birth. They now live in New York, running their father's corporate business. When the country-dwelling Ratliff's head to the big city to stop the sale of their family business the twins meet in a Comedy of Errors-style plot. Bette plays both the hokey country girl Sadie Ratliff  - and the Alexis Colby-like businesswoman Sadie Shelton. 

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    acrylic ink, bette midler, bob mackie, costumes, vegas, showgirls, divine miss m, better midler art