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Wind Trilogy

  • Description

    20x20cm. Acrylic on deep edge canvas.
    Triptych. Framed. £485 for all / £170 each.

    Wind Trilogy (Easterlies, Westerlies, Trade Winds) looks at the wind as more than a natural weather system - all be it a sometimes all-powerful and destructive one. These paintings consider different types of winds as forces of energy and colour that move people and ideas across continents.

    Easterlies are winds blowing from the East.
    Westerlies blow from the West.
    Trade Winds are powerful but predictable prevailing winds that blow from the east. Known by Portuguese navigators as 'Volta do Mar' - meaning Turn of the Sea - the discovery of the Trade Winds was crucial to global exploration and communication.

    Acrylic medium and layered brush strokes are used to add texture and drama to the painting.

    Each picture comes framed in a 23.5x23.5cm black satin wood floater frame and is signed on the reverse by the artist (as shown in the last picture - enlarge to see full shot).

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