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J R Oatts - aka - Joanne Oatts, is a British abstract artist whose practice focuses on the theme of 'colour in motion'. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and fairs in London, Manchester and internationally online, with collectors and followers across the globe.


Working in vibrant acrylics, she creates expressive, highly textured work that explores the concept of movement and connection - be that in nature, the body, or our thoughts within.


Her process starts with curiosity around an idea or concept, followed by research to expand her thinking. But when creating the piece, the interpretation comes instinctively. Kandinsky once said: "Colour can cause the human soul to vibrate." Joanne uses colour to communicate subconsciously and transcend the subject, creating an experience for the viewer, rather than being purely representational.

Meet the artist: J R Oatts - my art journey, career & creative practice
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J R Oatts smiling and wearing red overalls while in her studio

 "Colour can cause the human soul to vibrate."

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Joanne’s work is influenced by bold and contrasting colour aesthetics in film, fashion or LGBTQ+ performance. Before moving to abstract work, she leaned towards figurative painting. Fascinated by how our bodies move, and with a lifelong passion for dance and performance, anatomical lines and organic forms continue to feature in her mark making.


After studying Art History at Middlesex University, she attended the likes of Slade, UCL, City Academy and Central St Martins for further training and continues to develop her art practice alongside a successful creative career in media and advertising.


Joanne has previously collaborated with Mayfair Art Weekend and Roy's Art Fair on live painting projects. She also has also hosted and appeared on panels for several creative organisations and platforms, including Mediatel's Future of Creativity, Creative Industries Federation, United Art Space, Outvertising, Extreme Perspectives podcast and Jo's Art History Podcast.


J R Oatts is an ArtCan member artist and Visual Artist’s Association member. Her work can also be found on and EASEL.

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