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Colour by Numbers (Everything I Own)

  • Colour by Numbers (Everything I own), 2021
    100x100cm. Acrylic on canvas.


    When I was 8-year-old, I was a big fan of Culture Club. I loved Boy George's style, the way he dressed. It was different. 'Colour by Numbers' was the first decent album I owned. I even entered a school fancy dress competition as Boy George (photo on request). Even then - and ever since then, colour has been a big part of how I express myself.

    As a challenge on one of my Instagram Lives in March 2021, I thought it would be fun to create a work that uses 'everything I own' (in reference to Boy George's solo hit) - and use every colour of acrylic paint I own.

    The bulk of the piece was created in one sitting over the course of an hour, #liveonInstagram. Only one loose sketch was created for the painting - the rest was created intuitively on the day. A few extra areas were added over the following weeks, but only minor enhancements. None of the shapes or marks were changed.

    This piece celebrates the importance colour has and does have in my life, and is a celebration of those (some of whom I've never met) who have added colour and joy to it.

    Signed on the side by the artist.

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