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  • Paradis, 2020
    Acrylic on artboard.
    21 x 29.7cm unframed.
    30 x 40cm mounted.

    Part of the Feathers series, inspired by the movement, magic and mystery of mythical and exotic birds. 


    There are 39 species of Birds of Paradise that have been discovered on New Guinea and its surrounding islands. While Paradis is a reference to 'paradise', these are not intended to be directly representational - just representations of what they symbolise.

    This Paradis is a bird of hope that we have not yet discovered. A colourful reminder that there is so much we have yet to know and understand. 


    Multiple layers of acrylic paint and gel mediums - and various shaping, brushwork and palette techniques - have been applied to create different textures that reflect light. This mimics the iridescent and light reflective quality of feathers - and how they can shimmer and change colour under different light.

    Each one signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

  • birds of paradise, eastern Indonesia papua, papua new guinea, eastern Australia, mythology art, bird myths, bird mythology, plumage art, plumage painting

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